Who is the Guardian ad Litem in Your Child Custody Case in Virginia?

Posted on Aug 22, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

In a Virginia child custody case, children may be caught in a tug-of-war between their parents. To ensure the best outcome for the child, a Virginia court might appoint a guardian ad litem. This person will be different than the Virginia child custody attorney that you have hired but you will all be working toward the same goal.

A guardian ad litem is an attorney who represents the child’s best interests during the course of the case. The guardian reports their findings to the court. A guardian ad litem is always appointed in cases in which child abuse or neglect is an issue, but the court can also appoint one in cases where abuse is not a factor.

While this professional’s job is to advocate for your child, that doesn’t mean that he or she will always make suggestions based on what the child wants.
Rather, the suggestions will be based according to the child’s best interests.

Your interaction with your child’s guardian ad litem is important. He or she will be watching and evaluating you, your lifestyle, and the way you relate to your child. Also keep in mind that while your attorney must keep your conversations in confidence under attorney-client privilege, a guardian ad litem is under no such obligation to you.

You should not underestimate the power the guardian ad litem has in your Virginia child custody case. The observations he or she makes can have a major effect on the outcome of your case.

Contacting a Virginia Child Custody Attorney

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