Adhering to Your Virginia Child Custody Agreement

Posted on Feb 13, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

Many families are able to create a Virginia child custody agreement, also referred to as a parenting plan, after their Virginia divorce that they are both comfortable with following.

In some families, life circumstances, or material changes, can develop that cause disputes between the parents over the custody agreement. In those cases, a Virginia child custody attorney can help articulate and demonstrate the material changes to the courts in your effort to gain the court’s approval in changes to the custody agreement.

The process of changing a Virginia child custody arrangement can be quite difficult and complex. If at all possible, it’s best to try to make your existing custody arrangement work, provided it still serves your child’s best interests.

There are numerous tactics and methods you can use to try to make your new family dynamics easier on everyone involved. By making a concerted effort to be the best co-parent possible, you can better help your children adjust to life after your divorce.

When trying to adhere to your Virginia child custody agreement, you might try to:

  • encourage your children’s relationship with your ex-husband;
  • be understanding of your ex-husband’s visitation scheduling requests;
  • avoid undermining your ex-husband or expressing disrespect towards him, especially in front of the children;
  • keep a calendar to easily track the visitation schedule; and
  • exercise patience as you work together to make your children’s best interests a top priority.

It’s important to periodically reaffirm your parenting goals and reassess your parenting plan. If possible, try to adhere to your custody agreement and recognize that strong bonds are vital to your child’s development. If material changes or substantial life changes occur that warrant changes in your original child custody arrangement, a Virginia child custody attorney can help you proceed with requests for custodial changes.

Contacting a Virginia Child Custody Attorney

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