Deciding When It is Time to Begin a Virginia Divorce Case

Posted on May 10, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

There are many reasons that a woman may make the decision to file for divorce. It could be the need to end an abusive relationship, finding your husband is committing adultery, or you simply just fell out of love. Whatever the reason, making the decision to start a divorce case is not one to be made in haste and should start after consulting a Virginia divorce attorney.

Prior to making the decision to file a divorce case, you should first take the time to examine your situation on your own. Determine the reason or reasons you think you need to end your marriage. If there are multiple reasons, write them down and rank them by level of severity.

Next, you may want to talk to someone close to you for feedback about your concerns. A relative, close friend, or even a trusted therapist or member of your clergy can be a sympathetic ear to your problems and a good source of advice. There are also professional marriage counseling services that you and your spouse can attend that can help you review your issues.

If after considering your situation you still find that you must end your marriage, you’ll want to take the first step in filing a divorce case by choosing your divorce attorney. Remember that your husband has the same right to an attorney as you do, so you should be sure to give yourself every advantage possible by hiring a reputable, experienced Virginia divorce attorney.

A Women’s Divorce Attorney Best Understands Your Divorce Case

There are many situations that need to be handled differently in the eyes of the wife when settling a divorce case. It is important to have a divorce attorney that understands a woman’s needs and rights in the divorce process to make sure she makes the best decisions possible.

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