How to Behave During a Virginia Separation

Posted on Mar 5, 2010 by Hofheimer Family Law

In some Virginia separations, you and your estranged husband may be unable to live apart. Perhaps you simply don’t have the financial means at this time to establish two separate households. Or maybe you have very young children, or children with special needs that you are not yet ready to keep apart from either parent for any length of time.

Although in most circumstances, you and your spouse must cease living together in the same home, this is not strictly required for your separation to take effect. Your Virginia divorce attorney can talk to you about what steps you should take to ensure that your separation is recognized in the eyes of the Virginia court, especially if you choose an in-home separation.

Listed below are a few guidelines on how to behave during your Virginia separation

  • Do not get physically, or emotionally, intimate with your estranged husband. If there are unresolved issues between the two of you, avoid being alone with your spouse in the event that “one thing could lead to another…”
  • Stop acting like a couple; don’t attend social functions together and don’t share food, cell phone service, or a credit card.
  • Make it clear to family and friends that you and your husband are separated and seeking an end to the marriage.

At this vulnerable time, it’s critical that you have exceptional legal representation that not only understands the specifics of your case, but is dedicated to your best interests and those of your family.

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