Seattle child injury attorney Chris Davis sues Seattle Children’s Hospital and Seattle dentist for wrongful death of 15 year old child.

Posted on Sep 30, 2009 by Hofheimer Family Law

So You bring your child to the dentist ,a painkiller is prescribed after some routine dental work, and he is dead the next day. This happened to Michael Blankenship, an autistic child who was given a prescription for a fentanyl patch, which is a drug that the FDA warned is only for patients who have developed a tolerance for opium-derived painkillers. Blankenship,15, was given the maximum dosage of 100 micrograms per hour. He was found dead the morning after he received the prescription. Why was this autistic child chosen to receive this powerful drug ?

Seattle Attorney Chris Davis has filed suit against Seattle Children’s Hospital and Barbara L. Sheller, DDS for the wrongful death of Blankenship, according to a Seattle press release. Davis is a nationally recognized child injury attorney and I wish him great success in making sure no autistic child (or any other child) is dead because of a dental appointment and hospital visit.