Trust: How to Build a Strong Foundation

Posted on May 15, 2012 by Hofheimer Family Law

Whether you’re just starting out in a new relationship or starting over after a breakup, trust is fundamental. It can be daunting prospect to let someone in to your life, but it can be done. Try these exercises with your partner to get on your way to a trusting and strong relationship.

  • Trust Walk – Have your partner guide you on a walk through a room with lots of ‘obstacles’ (toys, furniture, etc.) placed on the floor. Let your partner guide you with speech and touch.
  • Fall Back – Stand approximately a foot in front of your partner and fall back into his or her arms. The challenge of this exercise is to attempt to let go of fear and trust your partner while doing it.
  • Open Yourself Up – Share a secret or fact with your partner that is hard to share with anyone else or you feel is embarrassing.
  • It’s All in the Eyes – Stand face to face and stare into each others’ eyes with no smiling or laughing for 60 seconds or as long as you can stand to. This exercise can create a sense of closeness and trust without ever actually touching.

You might feel silly at first, but you will find that these exercises can be great jumping-off point for discussion and other experiences that will deepen your trust.