Virginia Divorce Statutes and Pendente Lite

Posted on Nov 28, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

You’ve decided to end your marriage and have hired a Chesapeake divorce lawyer, now it’s time for the first hearing. Virginia pendente lite hearings are designed to address the pressing matters in the divorce.

Separating couples go into a divorce with their lives intertwined. It can take a year or more for a divorce to be finalized, but there are issues that need immediate attention. Virginia statutes dictate that pendente lite orders can be issued regarding these important matters.

For example, it’s not practical to wait until the divorce is finalized to have legal arrangements in place for the children of the marriage, so there may need to be temporary orders issued regarding:

Divorce can be a major financial burden for the spouse with the lower income, so the court may issue temporary orders of financial support for the lower-earning spouse. There may also be decisions made regarding which spouse is responsible for the couple’s debt.

The family home is also a major issue in a divorce that may be dealt with during a pendente lite hearing. While no final decisions about property division will be made, the court can issue a temporary order stating who has access to and use of the marital dwelling.

It’s wise to have your Chesapeake divorce lawyer with you at the pendente lite hearing and throughout the entire divorce process since it can become complex.

Contacting a Virginia Divorce Attorney

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