Virtual “Visitation” After a Virginia Divorce

Posted on Apr 29, 2011 by Hofheimer Family Law

Families dealing with divorce often have struggles when it comes to Virginia child custody and parenting plans. Sometimes, after a divorce, the ex-partners move to new locations or change jobs and find it difficult to see their children as often as they’d like.

The times between visits can be difficult for both the parents and the children, and can have a serious impact on the whole family’s ability to recover from the trauma of divorce and adapt to child custody plans.

To address this situation, some states now have statutes recognizing “virtual visitation”. Virtual visitation is electronic interaction between parent and child that is part of an overall parenting plan.

Virtual visitation is usually conducted through online chats via web cam, so parents and children who live apart can enjoy family time that is as close to “real life” as possible.

While the state of Virginia does not yet have any child custody laws pertaining to virtual visitation, this doesn’t mean it is not an option for you or that parents can’t use technology in order to maximize their time with their kids.

Many children and teens are technology oriented and may actually prefer some aspects of virtual visitation to face-to-face interaction. Recognizing this fact may help parents reach out more effectively to children who have a hard time communicating their feelings after divorce.

Virtual visitation methods can easily be integrated with court-ordered parenting plans. In this way, kids can enjoy more quality time with both of their parents.
Talk to your Virginia Beach child custody lawyer about whether virtual visitation is a viable option for your post-divorce family.

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