Girls Night Out at Tradition Brewing Company

Posted on Jul 29, 2019 by Katie Carter

Come join us on Tuesday, August 27th at Tradition Brewing Company in Newport News! It’s sponsored by the firm as part of our Girl’s Night Out event series, and you’re definitely invited to attend.

Though we’re a divorce and custody family law firm representing women only in Virginia, no divorce or custody case is required to attend. In fact, except in the sense that the event is sponsored by us, there’s actually nothing about it that has to do with divorce or custody at all. Since it’s a purely social event (designed to help women get out, socialize, network, and meet other fun local women), we don’t talk about divorce or custody cases at all. (Hey, we want to have fun, too!)

You can come alone, if you’re brave like that, or you can bring a girlfriend or two along for moral support. I get it – as a new person, in a new place, surrounded by a group of people you’ve never met before – well, I’m pretty sure I’d bring a friend!

The firm provides food and drinks and there’s absolutely no need for you to pay for anything yourself (unless, of course, you want drinks beyond what we provide, or have specific dietary requirements that you need to meet), so all you have to do is show up.

For more information, or to register to attend, visit our website.  Can’t make this event, but want to be updated about our next event? No problem! Our website includes the most up to date information available, so after this event – we’ll update our calendar to reflect the next Girl’s Night Out event, which will be sometime in October.

Don’t want to drive to the Peninsula? Fine; we host events on both the Peninsula and the Southside, since we have offices (and therefore clients!) in both places. Our October event will be in Virginia Beach – but we don’t have all the details ironed out yet!

We hope you can join us, because its sure to be a lot of fun (especially if you like supporting locally owned businesses while enjoying delicious craft beer, as I know many of you do). No matter what, we’re guaranteed a good group of fun-loving women.

You don’t have to register, but, if you would – it’d make our planning a little bit easier! We’re having to cater this event, so, without knowing the number of people attending, it’s difficult to order the right amount of food and, when we’re out, we’re out! So, help a sister out, and register, if you don’t mind. (No worries if you can’t attend later; we won’t charge ya.)

For more information or to register, again, visit our website.  Questions? Comments? Concerns? Call our office at 757-425-5200. We’re happy to talk to ya! Hope to see you at Tradition Brewing on August 27th at 6pm!