Girl’s Night Out Un-Valentine’s Day 2016

Posted on Jan 27, 2016 by Katie Carter

If you haven’t had a chance to make it to one of our Girl’s Night Out events yet, you definitely want to make time to come to our February event!  Last year, our Un-Valentine’s Day Party was such a hit, we figured we’d make it an annual thing.
It’s going to be on Sunday, Feburary 14th (yes, Valentine’s Day!) at Cotton Southern Bistro from 6-8pm. It’s our Un-Valentine’s Day Party, so be sure you dress in your Un-Valentine’s best (whatever that means to you!).  We’re going to have food and drinks, fun little presents to take away, maybe even some awards (for best costume?  We’ll see!).  Anything could happen, and you don’t want to miss it.

How much does it cost?

Girl’s Night Out is totally free for you! We provide drinks (usually 2 per person), and share appetizers. Each event is a little different; sometimes we have pizza and salad, other times we have chips and dip and quesadillas!
Just to give you an idea… I never eat dinner beforehand (it starts at 6pm, who can eat dinner before 6pm?), and I’m always able to eat enough that I’m perfectly happy. We don’t call it “dinner,” exactly, but it’s definitely heavy on the hors d oeuvres!

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, of course! Any woman over the age of 21 is welcome to attend any of our events. We do send out e-mail invitations, but if you didn’t get one, don’t worry. You’re still invited.
Want to get our invitations in the future? Sign up here, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on our coming events.
Used to get our invitations but don’t anymore? It doesn’t mean we don’t like you! Sometimes people inadvertently opt out of emails. We’re still friends, and you should still come. To sign up to get our invitations again, click here.  No worries!
It can be scary to walk into a group of people you don’t know. I understand, and I would feel that way, too. Bring a friend, family member, co worker, neighbor, or whoever else you want. There’s no charge, and no divorce or custody case required. We’re more of a “the more the merrier” type of group.

Attorneys are boring. Why would I want to hang out with you?

It’s true; not everyone likes attorneys. But, I promise, we’re a pretty fun group. Have you had a chance to meet any of us?
Unfortunately, our male attorneys aren’t invited to attend, but our lady attorneys, Kristen, Caitlin, Sheera, Shannon, Sarah and I try to make it to as many of the events as we can. If you haven’t met us yet, give us a chance. We’re really fun girls!
If you’re considering hiring a divorce or custody attorney, it’s a great way to meet us beforehand—without paying the cost of a consultation. That way, you can get an idea of who we really are. This will tell you a lot more about us and our firm than reading a bio or looking up reviews on Avvo or Google! Come meet us and see what Hofheimer Family Law is all about!

Can I ask my questions about divorce at Girl’s Night Out?

Sorry, but no. We’re here to have fun! It’s after hours for us, so we’d like to cut loose and hang out with our friends.
A better place to ask your legal questions would be at one of our seminars or in an in-person consultation.
Help us keep these events totally social. Look up the answers to your questions on our website, give our office a call at 747-425-5200, or consider attending a seminar.

Why do you do this, anyway?

We handle a LOT of divorce and custody cases. In fact, we’ve been around for over twenty years now, so we’ve seen what happens to a lot of women in the midst of these types of cases.
One of the things we kept hearing over and over again was that divorce and custody cases were alienating experiences. In order to help our clients as they go through a difficult time, we decided to start offering Girl’s Night Out events. We thought it might be nice to give them an opportunity to meet other women in similar situations and even to network. So far, we’ve had lots of our group members form lasting friendships, and several have even gotten jobs out of it! It’s a social and networking opportunity.
Of course, it’s not just limited to people going through divorce or custody cases; the event is open to anyone. We’ve been really pleased with the group of women we’ve had attending our events, and we want to promote that! It’s a really fun, super inclusive group. Give it a shot. You’ll feel at home in no time.

Who else will be there?

We invite current and former clients, prospective clients, our business associates, local mental health professionals, and even some of our vendors. It’s a pretty wide-ranging group, so you never know who you’ll meet.
If you want to get a feel for our group ahead of time, before you commit an entire evening to us, check out our private Facebook group page on It’s private, so you have to request to join, but I’ll have you approved in no time. A quick “new to the group!” post will get you chatting with all of our girls. (So far, we have over 200!) You may even hear about unofficial events being offered in between official engagements, so you can jump right in, if that’s your thing, too.
I hope you’ll be able to join us on Sunday, Feburary 14th at Cotton Southern Bistro in Virginia Beach from 6-8pm. For more information or to register to attend, click here. We hope to see you there!