Hofheimer Family Law Featured on Progressive Law Practices

Posted on Feb 8, 2016 by Katie Carter

We were contacted a little while back by Tami Kamin Meyer, an attorney and writer. She said she had a couple of questions for us, generally, just about what we do—but with an emphasis on our Second Saturday and Custody Bootcamp seminars, and our Girl’s Night Out program.
It’s always so humbling when someone takes an interest in what we’re doing. Of course, we built out these programs in response to the specific unmet needs of our clients; we responded, in short, to what we were seeing. Still, it’s hard to believe, sometimes, that what we’re doing matters so much, and is so interesting to other people (and so different from what other lawyers are doing).
Anytime we’re featured in an article or do an interview, it’s an exciting experience, and this one was no different. Tami and I spoke over the phone, and she also spoke separately to both Charlie and Kristen Hofheimer about our programs. Of course, we all bring in different perspectives.
Charlie started the Second Saturday divorce seminar program over 25 years ago, before he even started the Hofheimer Family Law Firm. He saw a need, and he wanted to do something to meet that need. After that, he spent the rest of his career trying to build up programs and resources for Virginia women facing divorce and custody cases, along with his wife (Kristen’s mom), Diane, who also worked as his paralegal.
In the last several years, Kristen has taken over managing the law firm. She brings a different perspective to the firm, though we still remain as devoted to women’s issues as ever. Under Kristen’s leadership, we’ve increased our offerings. We still teach the Second Saturday seminars, but Kristen also added our Custody Bootcamp for Moms seminars and, even though Girl’s Night Out was Charlie’s idea originally, they are Kristen’s events.
I think it shows that we believe passionately in what we do, and our continued success suggests that what we’re offering is something that resonates pretty deeply with Virginia women. We’re proud of what we’re doing, and were honored to be interviewed by Tami.
Feel free to check out our little write up. Click here to check out the article!  We’re really excited and proud to have been featured.
Our next Girl’s Night Out event is Sunday, February 14th at Cotton Southern Bistro in Virginia Beach. If you don’t already have plans, make sure to register to come! We’ll provide food and drinks; all you’ve got to do is show up (and bring a friend—or even two—along with you).  It’s totally free, and registrations have been piling up, so it’s sure to be a great time.  Come spend Valentine’s Day with us!
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