What’s in your divorce seminar that I can’t find on Google?

Posted on Feb 12, 2021 by Katie Carter

I got this question the other day – what’s in the divorce seminar that I can’t find on Google – and it made me laugh a little.
In one sense, of course, literally everything you need to know about divorce in Virginia probably IS already in Google. In fact, as you probably are also already aware, every single law in Virginia is online, too. So, you can very, very easily go to the Code of Virginia, and read all the laws. All of them, not even necessarily the ones that apply to family law.

And then you’ll be an expert, right?

It’s that easy! Just READ THE LAW. Done!

Of course, there are lots of other sites out there – like ours, in fact – that have tons of information related to divorce and custody cases in Virginia. There are even places that offer different forms you can use in your divorce or custody case!

The trouble is, though, that it’s really hard separating the good information from the bad information. Not even necessarily “bad” as in “completely, 100%, totally verifiably wrong”; just, like, old, out of date, not Virginia specific, or written by a jaded person with a weird view of the way the Virginia court system operates.

Not only that, but, for all the reading of statutes or case law or website articles, like this one, it’s really hard to know how a specific judge, in a specific locality, will come down on your case, especially without having hundreds (or even thousands) of cases under your belt. Heck, sometimes even we’re thrown about a particular issue, even after decades of representing women exclusively in divorce and custody cases.

The truth?

Probably, with some effort, you could find all of the information that we give in the seminar on our website. It’s there, though not necessarily all in one convenient location.

I, personally, have been writing articles for the website for nearly a decade now. I’ve written on so many topics. And I’ve also been teaching the seminar for roughly the same period of time. I’ve given the seminar, watched the seminar, and written answers to questions I’ve gotten at the seminar… Of course, it’s not just me. I work with five other awesome attorneys, and they’ve given the seminar a bajillion times, too.

I don’t know – and can’t/won’t vouch for – whatever else you can find anywhere else on the internet. I’ve seen lots of information, both good and bad, out there, and I can’t possibly curate the helpful stuff, excepting what I’ve created on this site. (And, even then, sometimes the laws change – so, for example, spousal support articles from 2011 should probably be cross referenced with ones written in 2019 and 2020, just sayin’.)

But, yes, it is theoretically possible to find all the information on our website that you might get in the seminar. So, why go? I can think of a couple really awesome reasons.

At the seminar, the information is presented to you by one of our licensed, experienced attorneys – and you can ask her questions, live!

It’s conversational. Questions are asked and answered, which means the seminar is a dynamic – rather than static – experience. We’re always responding to the questions we get, and that can really shape a conversation. These articles? Well, as good as they are, I’m writing them at a fixed point in time, and you can’t interject and ask me a question in the middle. You can’t steer the conversation in the direction that you need to go.

I try to do it myself. I imagine the questions; I answer the questions I’ve gotten before. I try to think of objections or concerns or disadvantages, and speak to them. But it’s not the same as asking a question in real time and getting an answer to that exact question.

The source is important too. Everyone who speaks at our seminars is a licensed Virginia divorce and custody attorney who represents women exclusively. We have a pretty unique perspective, honed from having represented hundreds (or thousands? I don’t know, I’ve never counted) of women – EACH.

We get good questions. We get bad questions. We get downright weird questions. But we answer them – and, if it’s your question, whether good or bad or weird or otherwise, getting an answer in real time from someone who really knows is pretty valuable.

Once you attend our Virginia divorce seminar, you can re-attend – at any time, without paying the fee again.

Yup. So it’s not just the questions you have today that you can get answered from a licensed Virginia divorce attorney – you can get your questions answered 6 weeks or even 6 months down the line.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had someone re-attend from years previously! (No, her divorce didn’t take that long; she reconciled and later decided, again, that it was time to divorce.)

Depending on where you are in the process, you’ll have different questions. Whether you’ve hired an attorney, are working with our firm, are trying to get the lay of the land at the beginning of the process, or have a couple follow up questions, you can ask them – and no one can bill you for the time!

Get your questions answered – now and in the future.

You’ll get access to our seminar workbook, which combines the information in one easy-to-read format for review and research.

Sure, you can find most of this on the site too. But you’ll have to find and toggle between probably at least 50 articles to get all the information. Or, you can have it all distilled in one place, with helpful links that will encourage you to delve deeper and find even more information.

We have the free divorce book, too, which you should definitely also request. But the seminar takes a slightly different approach to the material, and it’s proven very useful. (Hey, there’s a reason we’re still doing this, 30+ years later!)

Google is great. Google is valuable. But, when it comes to divorce and custody, it’s more valuable to know and trust your source. Whether you choose to attend the seminar, there’s no question that it holds information that you can find other places – but it also has a couple really vital elements that you can’t get anywhere else. If you have specific questions, if you want it all distilled in one easily comprehensible place, and if you ever might even consider re-attending in the future, there’s no substitute for the live event.

The information you need has to be up to date, Virginia specific, and written/created/presented by real, experienced Virginia lawyers. That’s what you get with us.

For more information, or to register to attend the seminar, visit our website or give us a call at 757-425-5200.