Girl’s Night Out at Beachside Social

Posted on Feb 27, 2019 by Katie Carter

Girl’s Night Out at Beachside Social

If you’ve paid any attention to us over the last couple of months as you try to decide whether or not to move forward with a divorce or custody case, you’ve probably heard about our Girl’s Night Out event series.

It’s a lot of fun and, if you haven’t been yet, I definitely encourage you to join us at our upcoming event at Beachside Social in Virginia Beach. It’s right on the oceanfront, and should be a really great time. The venue has indoor shuffleboard and bocce ball, which should put everyone in a summertime frame of mind. We’ve ordered some delicious food and arranged to have cocktails provided as well, so there’s definitely no reason NOT to come!

How much does it cost?

A common question that I get about Girl’s Night Out is “How much does it cost?” I’m always a little confused – it’s free! We’re hosting you so, aside from your own transportation, arranging someone to carpool with, or a babysitter, if you have minor children at home, it’s completely free. We pay for the facility, the food, the drinks – all you have to do is get there!

We’re hosting you, and we’d love to have you there.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, of course! Bring a friend, if you like. It’s helpful (though not required; we won’t turn you or her away) if you register ahead of time, just so that we can be sure to order enough food and reserve a big enough space.

Also, of course, you have to bring a female friend with you – it’s Girl’s Night Out, and we’re a law firm that represents women only. Sorry, no offense meant – but no men are invited, as it would really change the tenor of the event and potentially make some of our other guests uncomfortable.

There is no cost to bring a friend, either. Just bring her, and we’d love to meet her!

Do you host events nearer to where I live?

Probably! We host events all over Hampton Roads, but with special emphasis on Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, and Newport News, where the greatest concentration of our clients live.

If this event doesn’t work for you, keep watching our website. We have events all over the place, and will likely have an event near you soon.

Do you have to be a client to come?

Nope. You don’t even have to be divorced or getting divorced or expecting or in the midst of a custody case.

We won’t ask, and you don’t have to tell. After all, your relationship with your attorney is confidential, and you don’t have to disclose anything you don’t want to.

Is this a good time for me to ask some of my legal questions?

Sorry, but no! These events are supposed to be fun – and, really, it’s not very fun to talk about a divorce or custody case at a cocktail hour!

Your questions are important, though, and we definitely want to answer them. Girl’s Night Out is just not the appropriate time or place to do so. Have you heard about our divorce seminars?  Those are a great place to ask your questions live to one of our attorneys, without having to have a consult yet, which is especially helpful if you’re still in the information-gathering stage.

Not ready to come to a seminar yet, either? Totally fine. Everybody follows their own path, in their own time. Have you requested a copy of one of our books or free reports yet? Those are also a really good way to gather information.

How do I sign up?

I hope you’ll come! It’s easy to sign up. Just visit our website by clicking here, and fill in the form to let us know you’re coming.
This is also where we’ll post information about our upcoming events, so definitely stay tuned.

We also post information on our Facebook page at It’s a private group, so you’ll have to request to join, but we’ll verify who you are and get you approved in no time. We share pictures from previous events, information on upcoming events, and sometimes girls even make plans to meet up in between events. It’s a great space, and one that I think you’ll enjoy – join us there today!

Our next event will be Tuesday, April 9th at Beachside Social in Virginia Beach from 6-8pm, and we hope to see you there!