Hofheimer Family Law Celebrates Mother’s Day

Posted on Apr 10, 2017 by Katie Carter

For the third year in a row, Hofheimer Family Law is offering three special promotions for Virginia Moms on Mother’s Day. (Well, if we’re getting technical, it’s the Monday AFTER Mother’s Day, because Mother’s Day is on a Sunday.)
Moms are special. We are so aware of that fact every single day, doing what we do. Besides the fact that all of our attorneys are women (and most are moms), we see the impact that moms have every single day in our cases. Most of our cases have a custody component, and we are very familiar with the lengths to which moms will go to protect their kids and give them the kind of childhoods they always wanted them to have.
Facing a custody case is scary. It’s especially scary in the beginning, before you know exactly what to expect. And, really, it’s at the beginning that the big decisions need to be made. It’s at the beginning that mistakes are made. It’s at the beginning that we start to figure out what’s necessary, and plans need to be made for moving a case forward successfully. There’s a lot that needs to happen at the very beginning of a case, especially a custody case, and we want to make sure Virginia moms have all the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their cases.
To help support Virginia moms, we are offering 4 things this Mother’s Day.

1. Free download of our custody book.

If you haven’t already requested a copy of our custody book, you can do so here! It’s one of our classic titles, and it’s chock-full of the custody-specific information you’ll need to help you begin to understand Virginia law and how it operates in both the juvenile and circuit courts.

2. Free admission for Virginia Moms to any May Second Saturday or Third Tuesday Divorce seminar on What Every Virginia Woman Needs to Know About Divorce. ($50 value)

Custody cases aren’t always part of divorce cases, but they often are! If you’re worried about custody in your upcoming divorce, you will definitely need to attend this seminar! Each of our divorce seminars covers important topics in divorce, including the types of divorce in Virginia, how custody, child and spousal support, and equitable distribution work, when you and your child’s father are separated, and much more. More importantly, each seminar is taught by one of our licensed and experienced Virginia divorce and custody attorneys, all of whom have experience handling custody cases and will be available to answer questions. It’s important that you understand how divorce and custody are interrelated, and how cases that have both a divorce and custody component differ from those where only custody is at issue.
We offer the divorce seminar three times a month: twice on the Second Saturday of the month in both Virginia Beach and Newport News, and once on the Third Tuesday of the month in Virginia Beach only. To register, visit our website, and use the promo code “MothersDay2017”.

3. Custody Bootcamp for Moms Scholarship ($197 value)

Our Custody Bootcamp for Moms seminar is an intense, all day seminar designed to teach Virginia moms what they need to know to represent themselves at the juvenile court level in their custody cases. Whether you’re hoping to check up on your attorney or be your own attorney, it’s a can’t-miss seminar. There’s nothing else like it in Virginia, and certainly nothing else designed to teach Virginia dads about custody cases!
For more information about our custody seminar, click here. Our next seminar will be offered on Saturday, July 22, 2017, and we’re willing to offer one scholarship for the seminar. To apply, send an email to kcarter@hoflaw.com, and provide your name, contact information, and a little bit about your case. What are we looking for? Well, simply, we’re looking for the woman who’ll benefit from the seminar the most! Apply today.
4. Reduced consultation fee on May 15, 2017. ($135 savings)
For one day, and one day only, Hofheimer Family Law will be offering initial consultations for Virginia moms at a significantly reduced rate. Normally $285, on May 15th, confidential consultations will be reduced to $150. It’s an opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with a local Virginia attorney, including the chance to strategize how to begin to move your case forward.
Want to schedule a consultation or get more information about any of our Mother’s Day offerings? Give our office a call at (757) 425-5200, schedule a consultation on May 15th, and reference the Mother’s Day promotion! Happy Mother’s Day!